What can I do to help prevent Climate Change?

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Climate Change has been a much debated issue for many years. Many reputable sources have argued if it is a natural cycle or a direct result of human overpopulation and consumption. Whether you're convinced its presence, or still on the fence, you can't deny that the current evidence mostly supports that our environment is indeed altering. With that in mind, it wouldn't hurt to make an effort to live a little greener.

One of the main causes of Climate Change is the increased consumption of fossil fuels. These gases cause a huge amount of heat to build up in the atmosphere, which causes the average global temperature to rise leading to increasing severe weather around the globe. As our Eco-system changes, an unprecedented rise in sea levels has been documented by various scientists across the world. If this continues at the current rate, scientists say sea levels could rise as much as 2 meters by 2100. This spells trouble for low-lying cities such as, New York and Mumbai. Fortunately, there is time to remedy this if we all make some simple, everyday changes to our current lifestyles.

One of the easiest ways to help prevent Climate Change is to be mindful how much energy you are using on a daily basis in your home. Make sure you are switching lights of when you exit a room, exchange your current light bulbs for energy-saving ones. You could even research energy providers in your area to ensure you are using the greenest company. At night, remember to unplug any electrical items you don't need. Remind your family and friends to do these simple actions. Ask your boss if your workplace implements these measures, if not, suggest a way they could.

Be more conscious of the resources you use on, for example, if you usually drive to work, consider using a bicycle or carpooling to cut your carbon emissions. Use public transport to get to the shops and walk where possible, let's be honest, the exercise wouldn't hurt. Make use of that mountain of shopping bags you've been saving since the dawn of time and reuse them. Never buy a bag again, if you forget one, you should have to carry it in your hands as punishment, make yourself accountable.

If you're feeling compelled to do more, there are plenty of organizations and charities you can donate to or even volunteer. Friends of the Earth is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting nature and the recovery of the environment. Their website provides a wealth of information about the current issues our planet faces as well as lots of different ways you can actively get involved. This includes donating to their cause, volunteer opportunities and details of events in your local area. You could even start your own local group. With today's technology, we've never been more connected to each other. Get out there and spread the word.

The bottom line is that if everyone were to make a conscious effort to make small change to help prevent Climate Change, we would be one step closer to preserving our Planet. Only by working together can we achieve a brighter future for our children to thrive in. Do your part and make that change today.

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