Effects of Global warming?

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To understand the effects of global warming one has to first understand what this means and the causes this climatic process. It refers to increase in the average temperatures of a given geographical location. This causes changes in the climate and weather patterns of the region and this in turn affects the lifestyle of the biotic components that occupy the area and the world as a whole. Research has shown that there is an increasing trend of rise temperatures in the world and the figures keep rising each year.Scientists from all over the world have researched on this trend of increase in temperatures and have discovered that green house gases are the major causes of global warming in the world today. These gases are released to the atmosphere by the various human activities such as industries. Examples of Green house gases are Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Nitrogen oxides and Fluorine. The percentage of these gases in the atmosphere has being rising each year and this has being attributed to the increase in industrialization in the world today.

These green houses gases causes rise of temperature by trapping some of the incoming sun radiations and earth radiations hence act like a "blanket" in the atmosphere. This leads to changes in the temperature patterns and this affects the agricultural activity as well as the rainfall patterns. One of the effects of this process is the reduction of the ice and glaciers that are found at the polar region as well as at the top of some of the largest mountains in the world such as Everest. Ice on these mountains melts resulting due to the increase in temperatures and this affects the beauty of this natural phenomena.

Plants and animal species are also affected by the change in temperature patterns. Increase in temperatures alters the optimal conditions for the growth of certain plant species and survival of animals in this planet. Most of the plant and animal species have become extinct due to the high temperatures that reduce their chances of survival in a given locality. Hence causing loss of biodiversity that is very important in providing environmental services and goods that are required by the society.

Agriculture is one of the major economic activities that are practiced in all regions of the world. It provides food as well as income to the people who practice it. Changes in temperatures affect agriculture by reducing the yields of the crops grown in the farms. This is because each plant species has it's own optimal temperature ranges that determines its growth and yields. High temperatures affects this growth patterns resulting in low crop yield and this reduces the income generated from agriculture. Economies that are based on Agriculture can be adversely affected by this process if the necessary measures are not implemented to counter and prevent the occurrence of this aspect of climate change. Authorities and leaders from all over the world need to come together to reduce the effects of global warming.

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